Bar prosthesis

White daylight contains a mixture of all wavelengths and colours of light. Lasers on the other hand are a directed and bundled light of a single wavelength. ‘Laser’ stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’.

There is no dispute that the laser has established itself in dentistry. It cannot only remove tooth substance gently and usually without the need for anaesthesia, it is also used in surgery, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and periodontology.

The use of lasers in surgery enables considerably less complicated and blood-free treatments and fast healing of wounds. Patients often report of much less pain during wound healing compared to conventional surgical methods.

Each laser wavelength is unique and has different effects on the body and tissues depending on how well the light energy is absorbed. In dentistry the following four types of laser are used: CO2 laser, diode laser, Er:YAG laser and soft laser. 

CO2 laser
The CO2 laser is the surgical laser. It enables soft tissue to be incised absolutely gently and completely sterile without causing any bleeding. The incision usually heals in half the time and is associated with less pain than conventional scalpel surgery.

Diode laser
This is the most versatile laser used in dental treatments. The laser is mainly used to sterilise infected root canals during root canal treatment. It is also used for periodontal treatments as a tool to clean infected tooth pockets. The diode laser can also be used for laser bleaching (teeth whitening). This method is particularly suitable for stubborn stains.

Er:YAG laser
This laser is used to removed tooth enamel and old composite resin fillings to prepare for new fillings, usually without pain or anaesthetic. Special attachments enable the Er:YAG laser to also be used to remove tartar from root surfaces.

Soft laser
This laser is suitable for accelerating the wound healing process and to prevent pain. It works by biostimulation of the mitochondria in the cells. The soft laser is also used in laser acupuncture and PDT. We have been using the ‘blue wonder’ (PDT) for more than two years. This is a painless and absolutely minimally invasive method to eliminate 96% of all microbes that cause gum disease using laser light instead of antibiotics.