Dental hygiene and preventive measures

Even a little bleeding when cleaning your teeth may be the first visible sign of incipient periodontal or gum disease.

Dental hygiene is at the top of the list in our clinic. It is always easier to prevent a health problem than to cure a disease. It is important to know that regular professional cleaning of your teeth and gums and checkups by your dentist help to keep your own teeth healthy for as long as possible.

By detecting periodontal problems and caries early, you minimise the effort needed to treat them, reduce the consequences and it is easier on your wallet.

Keep your gums and your teeth healthy because the latest medical research shows that periodontal diseases and periodontitis affect your health and your entire wellbeing.

Our specially trained dental hygiene and prophylaxis team take all the time needed to gently and carefully clean your teeth. We recommend a professional dental clean with a checkup every 4 to 6 months.

-> How does periodontitis develop?

-> How can I avoid periodontitis?

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Healthy teeth – for life.

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