Our clinic

Teeth are an important part of our body, affecting every part of it. Acute and chronic sites of infection (sources of infection) and intolerance to materials all affect your health and wellbeing. Only with careful and thorough examinations and ongoing discussions with you can we determine the best solutions for your treatment.

Even just walking into our clinic you will notice that we place a great deal of emphasis on creating a pleasant environment. You will feel calm and relaxed thanks to selected warm colours in our rooms and a giant aquarium in the waiting room. Our clinic goes a long way to making you feel at home with us.

Our dental laboratory work is done by our partners from Switzerland and Lichtenstein and the restorations are only inserted after being thoroughly inspected by our dentists. All materials used by us, for example, ceramic, titanium, zirconium oxide and high-gold-content alloys, are classified as medically safe by the BAfG (Federal Institute for Health). This is unfortunately not something you can take for granted because increasingly laboratories from third world countries are being used and their quality standards are far lower than those of Switzerland, a situation that does not satisfy us.

Under certain conditions, regular check-ups, with six-monthly professional cleaning and the wearing of a nightguard, we will give a 10-year guarantee for all dental laboratory work. Discuss this with us for more detailed information. This clearly differentiates us from the usual 2-year guarantees available abroad. This is our way of helping to relieve the burden of constantly increasing health insurance premiums.

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