Orthodontics POS – Major realignment of teeth

Orthodontics (POS, Progressive Orthodontics System) involves the treatment primarily of misaligned jaws or teeth. This may include overbite and crossbite problems or dentition with gaps. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to obtain uniformly aligned teeth that meet today’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

Major corrections to teeth alignment are now done with the help of computers (POS). Advanced technology and orthodontics unite. The Progressive Orthodontics System helps us to improve our pre-treatment explanations, to stick more closely to planning steps and to check progress throughout the treatment. The benefit for you is that you can see the final result before the treatment has even started.

Early detection of necessary orthodontic treatment is particularly important for children. You can closely follow the development of your children’s teeth and intervene in time. If you are still not sure, call us and let us assess the situation for you.