OrthoFolio System© – Minor realignment of teeth

The transparent apparatus for realignment of teeth is almost invisible. Elastic materials are used for orthodontics. Previously only ‘positioners’ have proved themselves to be suitable devices for treatment. In recent years various aligner systems have become established, most of which originated in the United States.

With the OrthoFolio System® we combine the benefits and experiences of all known systems; this system uses special films to provide an efficient treatment that gives aesthetically pleasing results.


  • Finishing after orthodontic treatment
  • Correction of recurrences after orthodontic treatment
  • Corrections of minor misalignments in the front teeth
  • Closure of gaps after extraction in the front teeth
  • For patients with metal intolerances only for the remaining dentition

Benefits of the OrthoFolio apparatus

  • comfortable
  • almost invisible
  • speaking is not affected
  • can be easily removed for eating and cleaning of teeth, ensuring oral hygiene is maintained
  • metal free
  • manufactured in special Swiss laboratories, meaning that treatment can be easily altered at any time
  • costs can be easily calculated


Download an«OrthoFolio-System©»-Brochure as PDF.