Bleaching, the whitening of teeth

We have chosen the most tried and true bleaching systems to use in our clinic and offer you the following options for whitening your teeth:

  • home bleaching
  • power bleaching
  • laser bleaching

Home bleaching
We prepare a bleaching tray fitted to your bite for you to use at home. You bleach your teeth yourself by applying the bleaching gel to this tray and wearing it for 2–3 hours every day. After 7–10 days you can see the results.

The gel contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and will not damage your teeth in any way. The bleaching effect lasts longer than the power bleaching method.

Power bleaching
We carry out power bleaching in our clinic. The bleaching agent is somewhat stronger than the gel used for home bleaching and is boosted by the addition of UV light. The desired effect can be achieved very fast, usually after 1–2 sittings. The bleaching effect of power bleaching fades faster than that of home bleaching or laser bleaching. After about 6–12 months. 

Laser bleaching
For stubborn stains on the teeth the laser bleaching method is the most effective. Like power bleaching, laser bleaching is carried out in our clinic. It is the most effective option for whitening teeth.

The newly developed bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and activated using a special laser. We deepen the deep action of the bleaching agent by using the laser. Even stubborn stains do not present a problem.

Depending on the level of bleaching desired, the procedure lasts 15–30 minutes. With the laser bleaching method we achieve an intense effect that gives you pleasure for many months.