Ceramic veneers and Lumineers

Veneers are attached directly to the side of the teeth facing the lips using a special resin cement. They can be likened to a decorative house façade that in earlier times was simply fixed to the side of the house facing the street.

By using veneers we can correct tooth colour, shape and alignment. Small gaps between the teeth are closed, teeth damaged in accidents with small fractures are adjusted and stains on one or more teeth can be permanently corrected. Even here we aim to work with minimal invasion. When preparing veneers considerably less tooth substance must be removed compared to crowns or partial crowns.  

We have our veneers prepared from a high-performance pressed ceramic, Empress, by a dental laboratory. These restorations are prepared with an accuracy of a few thousandths of a millimetre and have an unsurpassed aesthetic.

LUMINEERS are a completely new type of veneers. LUMINEERS are made out of a special cerinate® porcelain and are as thin as a contact lens (0.3 mm). To achieve the desired aesthetic corrections, as few as one procedure on the tooth substance is needed. This type of minimally invasive treatment is absolutely pain free and requires no pain-relief injections

LUMINEERS, the solution for most cosmetic problems.

... for staining
... for gaps
... for absolute perfection